The registration for the trip to the Retreat center will be latest 4 weeks before arrival.
Reservations can be made for several days
Please contact me by e-mail:
For registration please send copy of your travel passport (page with photo).
I need it for making invitation for visa to Russia.
With my invitation you can apply for visa to Russia.


Visa to Russia:
For traveling to Russia you need a visa.
To obtain a visa I can send you an invitation (it’s a special paper you need to get a visa to Russia). It will cost you 10 EUR.

There are two ways to apply for a visa:
1. You can visit the Russian embassy in your country. It is necessary to bring you passport with you and fill in a questionnaire.
2 . You can do it via internet. There are many online visa centers. If you choose this way you have to email a copy of your passport and fill in the questionnaire (they charge some fee for it).

A regular tourist visa is valid 30 days. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, you will need a special invitation (private or business).It is advisable to apply for a visa at least 2-3 months in advance to the start of your journey.

Please bring with you the following things:
A warm  sleeping bag and tourist mat (only if you chose accommodation in the tent),  electric torch, raincoat, hiking shoes/boots.

How to get to ‘Zivo’:
The best and most comfortable option is going by plane to Yekaterinburg. It is the nearest airport, 179 kilometers far from the Healing center “Zivo”.
Coming from Europe you usually will go to Moscow and take a transfer flight to Yekaterinburg from there. European direct flights to Yekaterinburg are leaving from Prague.

I recommend flying with the (Russian) company Aeroflot. They have new aircrafts with the highest level of security. You can of course travel with other companies from the EU.

It’s also possible to come by train or car. The distance from Düsseldorf to the He Center ‘Zivo’ is about 4000 kilometers.

Further useful information:
You can use your your own cell phone in Russia, but it is advisable to contact your phone provider concerning conditions and costs.
You can easily exchange the US Dollars, EUR and traveller cheques to RUB.
You can use credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro) to withdraw cash from ATMs. ATMs usually give 6000-8000 rubles (150-200 EUR) per transaction. Please ask your house bank about the costs related to the withdrawals of money on Russian ATMs and about eventual limits of withdrawal.

_DSC0132[1] 1JPG


  1. House for three  person (three beds, shower and toilet outside)
  2. House for four persons ( two bunk beds, shower and toilet inside the house)

A wood stove is available in each house

The best way to pay cash at Healing Center, after you arrival.
If you like pay by bank, i will send you invoice.

Zhivo 1512

My wife Tatiana will cook for you.
She will cook vegetarian food.
Also we have vegetable garden.

If you like to eat meat or other preferences, please contact me and we will make other food for you.


The Retreat Center “Siberian Cedars” will be located in the region of Sverdlovsk in Russia. It is placed in between two big villages called Visim and Uralets.

The nearest village, Visim, is at 5 kilometers distance. Here you can find a supermarket, a bank, a postoffice and medical help facilities.

The center is surrounded by beautiful forest, (blue) mountains and lots of water. There are two small rivers and two lakes just around it.

The forest vegetation consists primarily of trees like pines, birches, cedars, aspens and willows. The place is  rich in wildlife. You will find foxes, elks, boars, hares, grouses and quails.