Information about the Anastasia village, called the Cedars of the Blue Mountains.

This place is located between two rivers, the Martian and Visimka. The name of the rivers Martian means ‘mar’for female energy and ‘tian’ for male energy. It’s where peoples hearts come together. And the river Visimka, is the place where peoples hearts open and meet each other. There are two trees growing between rivers. The Pine and the Birch. The unusual circumstance here is that both trees grow from the same root. The have their branches intertwined and look like one tree bound together. The baby trees grow just near the big ones. On the side of the pine, you will find baby birches and on the side of the birch there are baby pines.


The area around the village is called the blue mountains, It is rich in cedars, and there is a place where new cedars are being planted.

Apart from the two rivers, Martian and Visimka, there are also three lakes nearby: Begemotik, Uktushka and Kupalnoe, A few kilometers further you will find the rivers Shaytanka, Sulem, Chusovaya and Medvezhya Utka, and several lakes in the forest.

The land of Anastasia village has an extent of around 200 ha. It is divided into 90 parcels which vary in size from 1 to 25 ha. More than 50% of the land is already inhabitated.