From 17.05 – 29.07  2018

18.08 – 14.09  2018

Workshops 2018 at Zivo

18-31 August 2018    Education Shamaniс Healing  970 EUR (accommodation is not included)

01-27 July 2018    21 Days of fasting, heal your chronic diseases 690 EUR (accommodation is not included)

21-30 June 2018    Healing herbs  690 EUR (accommodation is not included)

Welcome, my name is Ahamkara. With this website I want to introduce to you my project,
Healing Center ‘Zivo’, and invite you for healing and retreat.  The Healing Center ‘Zivo’ it is  a place,
where people connect with nature, clean their spirit, body and soul and let go of their attachments and bad habits.
It is also a place where people can exchange spiritual knowledge.


1.      Healing programme
85 euro per day for an accommodation
in a house or yurt
65 euro per day for an accommodation
in a tent

The programme includes:
– Daily individual treatment
– Purification of the body
– Individual exercises
– Individual meditations
– Vegetarian meals

 2.      Retreat programme

50 euro per day for an accommodation
in a house or yurt
30 euro per day for an accommodation
in a tent

The programme includes:
– Purification of the body
– Individual exercises
– Individual meditations
– Vegetarian meals

3.     Guest programme

44 euro per day for an accommodation
in a house or yurt
24 euro per day for an accommodation
in a tent

The programme includes:
Vegetarian meals

Contact Ahamkara 

horos7@gmail.com  / www.ahamkara.org / www.siberianretreat.com  / Facebook:  Ahamkara ShamanWhatsApp: +79221343011  / Phons: +79221343011 / Russia +31612336920 Europe

Change stress into peace and harmony

Besides there is an opportunity for you to meet with people, who support the ideas of Anastasia and
live in the Anastasia village nearby. In the Healing Center “Zivo” we will make workshops and rituals in
the tradition of Siberian shamanism, we will have times of retreat, meditation and vision quests. It is a goal to
broaden and deepen shamanic knowledge and healing practice and to combine it with yoga and fasting for a
deepest relaxation, renewal and healing. So there will be different programs offered, for instance on
shamanic education, on how to loose weight, how to get into raw food,
how to get rid of illnesses and become healthy,
how to change stress into peace and harmony.

Build according to the traditional Siberian way

The project started with building the Healing Center ‘Zivo’. The houses will be build according to the
traditional Siberian way of building out of wood and clay. We have several singular retreat houses and a
big round community house for gatherings and rituals.
We plan to organize workshops, retreats and vision quests. Food will be vegetarian and raw food.

Everybody seeking renewal, relaxation and healing for mind, body and soul is welcome here.


Marijke, Netherlands
Fist patient of the Healing center “Zivo”

In august 2015 I was at Ahamkara’s Retreat Center for healing for a month. It has changed my life completely. Every day I got healings from him. Massage, cupping, fasting, detox, following a diet are only a few thinks that helped me extremely. Before I went to Siberia I had severe lung problems and I was extremely tired. I had to take a lot of medication. Despite the suffering during the healings the time in the retreat centre was very special for me. During the healings the first weeks I went to hell, after that I found my way back to heaven. After the four weeks breathing was much easier for me and I already could do a lot more than before. Now after half a year, my life has changed completely. I have more energy, use almost non medicine anymore and I almost can say I’m healthy again.

Ahamkara and his wife Tatjana are great hosts. Ahamkara is a great healer. But I also have to say, you have to work very hard by yourself, but it’s worth every second you put in this proces to get healthy.

And for me this month in the retreat centre was one of the best things in my life. And I’ll be grateful to Ahamkara my whole life.

warm greetings, Marijke


My experiences in Siberia


In July 2016, I travelled to Siberia in order to be treated by Ahamkara, during a whole month. I have been suffering from PLS, primary lateral sclerosis, since 2009.

PLS is the syndrome of progressive upper motor neuron dysfunction. As a result, the muscles in mouth, legs and arms turn stiff and spasmodic. This disease is progressive and incurable.

In 2015, Ahamkara built his centre Zhivo with his very own hands. On the Siberic tundra, there is hardly any luxury, hence one lives very basic. Nature there is unbelievably beautiful. There is no pollution, no trafic, there are no sounds from the habited world, etcetera. Life there has been unaltered for thousands of years. Zhivo is a place of power, and is located where two tectonic plates meet, exactly on the borders of Europe and Asia.

Each day during six hours, I was being treated with warm-/coldtreatments, cupping, sauna, tongue-/mouthmassage and belly-/neckmassage. Shamanistic rituals took place on a regular basis.

Everyday’s diet consisted of fresh produce: vegetables, fruits, seeds, honey, herbs, nuts, etcetera. The days began with a tea of fresh herbs from the fields and a shake made out of fruits and herbs. Since Ahamkara’s wife is an excellent cook, dieting was no problem at all.

After five days I felt speaking was a lot easier then before. After two weeks, my muscles felt different and – a real bonus – my old energy returned  and has remained up till this very day. The way ahead is still long, Ahamkara told me. ‘What took ten years to unfold, I can’t take away in a few weeks.’ This very moment, I feel stabilized and I doing my utmost to get better. I follow a clear plan in order to get ahead little by little.

Ahamkara is top of the bill of shamans all over the world, I think. Not only was he raised by his grandmother to know all about the use of herbs, but he also studied at the university of Moskow with professor Orgulov Alexander, a guru on the massage of organs. Ahamkara is the best of two worlds, which really makes him unique.

And… his English is outstanding, which makes communication easy.

Whatch our project Zhivo grow here